C-Frame Hydraulic Press


The Hsin Lien Sheng "C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machine" models are developed for various applications. The compact and accurate structural design enhances the mobility of this c-frame hydraulic press models and promises better performance. Simplicity and safety are the two main issues of the operation of this c-frame hydraulic press machine, because Hsin Lien Sheng has accumulated profound experiences in C-Frame maintenance, so the company knows a lot about hydraulic press issues.

If customers are interested in the machine and are with customization demands, please contact Hsin Lien Sheng for your own c-frame hydraulic press models.


  1. An all-in-one and precise, high rigidity design facilitates the machines movability and installation.
  2. The operation of the machine is simple and safe.
  3. Special specifications meeting your unique demands can be incorporated into standard ones.
  4. C-Frame standard models are designed to be used in a variety of applications, such as:
Compressing and pulling-out of shafts and bushings.
Flexing and deep-drawing of plates.
Compression molding of powder alloy and thermosetting resins.
Straightening of metal sheets.
Pressing and punching of metal sheets.
Compression testing.
Capacity (ton) 10 20 30 50 50
Table Area (mm) 500 x 425 600 x 425 600 x 500 700 x 500 700 x 550
Open-Height (mm) 350 350 500 500 500
Rod Stroke (mm) 250 250 350 350 350
Throat Gap (mm/sec) 225 225 265 265 285
Descending Speed (mm/sec) 60 60 60 60 55
Pressing Speed (mm/sec) 15 15 14 17 14
Ascending Speed (mm/sec) 140 140 160 180 155
Main Motor (HP) 3 5 7.5 10 10

* We reserve the right to modify & improve our products without notice.

  • Bushing and shaft pulling out and compressing
  • Plate deep-drawing and flexing
  • Powder alloy and thermosetting resin compression molding
  • Metal sheet straightening
  • Compression testing
  • Metal sheet punching and pressing
  • Other applications