High-Speed Hot/Cold Forging Hydraulic Press model of SLS-800S~SLS-1000S product image


Over the past two decades, Hsin Lien Sheng has accumulated experiences in the production of various kinds of hydraulic forming presses, especially in the high speed hot and cold applications of press machines.

The SLS-800S~SLS-1000S are masterpieces of all Hsin Lien Sheng's press machines that are with strong structure in straight sides in conjunction with eight way guide rails, against eccentric load. This design brings great accuracy, and when compared to conventional counterparts, the SLS models are much more advanced in both rigidity and accuracy.


  • High Speed

The SLS Range of deep drawing presses provides reliable and repeatable production accuracy. Slide Speeds and pressing speed are very fast which allows faster cycles times of up to 4.6 sec/cycle.

  • High Precision

This straight sided hydraulic press is well suited for the most demanding applications such as cold forging precision of auto/Industrial components in mass production. With high-speeds and superior frame construction, these presses are capable of millions of cycles per year.

  • One Piece Frame Casting

This heavy duty 15 ton straight side press features a one piece steel casting that has undergone rigorous inspection at all stages of production. Heavy ribbed and stress relieved to ensure maximum resistance to deflection for accurate parts and long tool life.

  • Gib-guided Press Slide

The 8-point gib-guided press slide design provides excellent guiding stability, with superior tolerance for off-center loading.

  • 45 Degree Gib Design

The new 45 degree gib design allows for even greater resistance to deflection and increase the machine's ability to resist lateral forces.

  • Accuracy Test

Multiple accuracy tests are conducted after assembly to ensure perpendicularity and flatness of the bolster and slide.

  • Lubrication System

Another useful feature that ensures a long service life is the incorporated automatic lubrication system. This makes sure all slideways are adequately lubricated for a smoother pressing action and extended machine life.

  • Knock-out Pins

This press is equipped with ejector pins on both upper and lower bolsters to effectively remove any work that may have remained in the upper die upon separation of the two mating die halves.

Capacity (ton) 800 1000
Raising Capacity (ton) 60 80
Open Height (mm) 800 850
Stroke (mm) 600 600
Bolster Area( mm)(LR*FB) 900 x 1000 1000 x 1100
Descending Speed (mm / sec) 350 300
Pressing Speed (mm / sec) 20 - 30 20 - 30
Ascending Speed (mm / sec) 300 300
Die Cushion Capacity (ton) 50 60
Die Cushion Stroke (mm) 200 250
Main Motor (HP) 100 100

* We reserve the right to modify & improve our products without notice.