Custom Deep Drawing Press Machines

Hsin Lien Sheng offers fully customized deep drawing press machines, such as machines with extra heavy duty pressing capacity, specific table sizes, or some peculiar pressing speeds. Hsin Lien Sheng deep drawing press machines are with highly accurate control system, advanced working efficiency, and safety promises. Please contact us to customize your ideal deep drawing press machine, at ideal and competitive prices.

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press - SLS-100D~SLS-1500D

A deep drawing press is a pressing machine designed specifically for deep forming as well as drawing of metal plates. Hsin Lien Sheng offers machine capacities range from 10 to 3,000 tons; subject to customers' demands. As is certified with CE certification, all of the deep drawing press machines are made of excellent quality, diligent service promise, and branding ideas, offering perfect nature to customers all over the world.

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