The SLS-300S~SLS-1500S High Speed Hot/Cold Hydraulic Forging Press


Hsin Lien Sheng, with over twenty years of seasoned expertise, is a pioneer in creating an assortment of Hydraulic Forming Presses, demonstrating prowess in high-speed hot and cold processes. Our unique SLS-300S~SLS-1500S Hydraulic Forging Press Machines are a testament to our commitment to robustness and precision. Featuring a sturdy structure, straight sides, and eight-way guide rails to mitigate eccentric loads, these Hydraulic Forging Press machines deliver unparalleled accuracy, outclassing traditional Hydraulic Forging Presses in terms of rigidity and precision.

Aiming to augment mechanical operations, our dedicated Hydraulic Forming Press technicians have ingeniously integrated hydraulic logic circuits, pressure accumulation systems, and pressure booster systems. Operated by a single electric control system, these elements work in unison to achieve precise pressing of workpieces, further highlighting the exceptional capabilities of our Hydraulic Forming Press machines.

Our wide-ranging designs have achieved international recognition, catering to customers' needs related to deep-drawing aluminum and mold fabrication. Known for maintaining consistent product quality and minimizing deformation, our Hydraulic Forming Presses notably promise double the lifespan of molds compared to their mechanical counterparts. This accomplishment solidifies the superior performance and endurance of our Hydraulic Forging Press and Hydraulic Forming Press machinery.