The SLS-300S~SLS-1500S High Speed Hot/Cold Hydraulic Forging Press


Over the past two decades, Hsin Lien Sheng has accumulated experiences in the production of various kinds of hydraulic forming presses, especially in the high speed hot and cold applications of the hydraulic forming press machines.

The SLS-300S~SLS-1500S "Hydraulic Forging Press Machines" are masterpieces of all Hsin Lien Sheng's hydraulic forming press machines that are with strong structure in straight sides in conjunction with eight way guide rails, against eccentric load. This design brings great accuracy, and when compared to conventional hydraulic forging presses, the SLS models are much more advanced in both rigidity and accuracy.

Moreover, in order to enhance mechanical function of the SLS models, Hsin Lien Sheng's hydraulic forming press technicians installed the hydraulic logic circuits, pressure accumulation systems, and pressure booster systems on this hydraulic model for forming performance reinforcement, thus the pressing of all work pieces can be well managed, because all these three components are integrated by one electric control system, which makes the hydraulic forming machines to press in a coordinate ways of manner.

Due to the many versatile designs of Hsin Lien Sheng's hydraulic forming presses, the company sells its products to the world market with great success. Customers with hydraulic forming demands such as deep-drawing aluminum are satisfied with the pressing quality that Hsin Lien Sheng can deliver. Furthermore, customers in mold sector also admire Hsin Lien Sheng's hydraulic forming presses for the smooth and steady quality of the finished products, with less deformation compared to other hydraulic forming presses, and the lifetime of the molds is two times longer than mechanical presses.