The 180° Reversing Spotting Press produced by Hsin Lien Sheng is applied in mold spotting application. Due to the 180 degree advantage, the mold spotting can be proceeded in a much easier way for operators compared to traditional mold spotting procedure, because the reversing spotting press design can achieve mold spotting in different angles, turning mold to the ideal position for spotting.

In addition to the mold spotting advantages, this press machine can also be applied to primitive spotting, for small amount production. As a result, after spotting and pressing, the machine can move lower die out and move upper die out, then reverses for 180 degree. Doing mold spotting on this machine is thus a very safe task compared to traditional mold spotting machines as the old mold spotting procedures are greatly improved. Operators can achieve better mold spotting quality and safer mold spotting procedure on this machine.