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Hsin Lien Sheng's specialized "180° Reversing Spotting Press," also referred to as the Hydraulic Die Spotting Press, is crafted specifically for mold spotting applications. The 180-degree flexibility that this Hydraulic Die Spotting Press offers simplifies the mold spotting process, enabling operators to perform mold spotting from diverse angles and effortlessly maneuver the mold to its ideal position.

Beyond its impressive mold spotting functionality, this Hydraulic Die Spotting Press, or Reversing Spotting Press, can also be employed for primitive spotting, catering perfectly to small-scale production needs. After the spotting and pressing stage, the machine is designed to easily shift both the lower and upper die, followed by a 180-degree reversal.

Undertaking mold spotting tasks with our Hydraulic Die Spotting Press, or Reversing Spotting Press, is significantly safer compared to traditional machines. This safety feature is a testament to the advanced design and exceptional capabilities of our Hydraulic Die Spotting Press, further solidifying the standing of our Reversing Spotting Press in the industry.


  • Press Structure

The CDP press is designed with the flexibility and precision needed for die testing and finishing. Featuring a rigid frame, moving bolster, and reversible slide for increased efficiency, this machine design and functions are perfect for die spotting and try-out under conditions very close to actual production.

  • Reversible Slide

The moving bolster and 180° reversible slide allows both upper and lower die to be positioned next to each other. This makes it very easy for an operator to fine tune adjustments on both the lower and upper dies.

  • In-house Design

All parts and components are manufactured under the strict ISO-9001 quality system.

  • Quick Die Change

The moving bolster allows for quick fastening of the lower die outside the try–out press. This system runs in full automatic mode further reducing changeover time and eliminating errors caused by manual handling.

  • Slide Movement

After die spotting operations, the reversible slide can easily move out into position ready for operator adjustments. Immediately after adjustment it can quickly slide back in, ready to continue pressing.

  • Moving Bolster
  • Die Spotting

As both the upper and lower dies are easy to adjust using this press machine, this results in efficient die spotting operations, saving you time and money.

  • Light Curtain

A safety light curtain automatically stops operations should anything come between the slide or bolster during operations. This is a key safety feature to ensure safety of personnel.

  • Lockable Side Fence

Another added safety feature is the side fence with interlock on both sides of the press. This allows for greater accessibility when not in operation and added safety during pressing operations.

TYPE CDP-50 CDP-50 CDP-100 CDP-150 CDP-200 CDP-250
Capacity (ton) 50 50 100 150 200 250
Table Area (mm) 800 x 700 1000 x 800 1300 x 1000 1500 x 1200 2000 x 1500 3000 x 2000
Open Height (mm) 800 800 1000 1200 1500 2000
Stroke (mm) 800 800 1000 1200 1500 2000
Reversing Angle 180 180 180 180 180 180
Descending Speed (mm / sec) 60 120 120 120 120 100
Pressing Speed (mm / sec) 5 - 10 5 - 15 5 - 15 5 - 15 5 - 15 5 - 15
Ascending Speed (mm / sec) 60 120 120 120 120 100
Lifting Capacity (ton) 15 20 30 35 40 50
Main Motor (HP) 10 15 20 30 40 50